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T1- General Forms - Ontario Tax Return

Chartered Accountants Ontario

Businesses - We value your business and want to contribute to your success. Whether you are a business that is just getting off the ground, in rapid expansion, or mature, you can count on us to understand your unique needs and to provide innovative solutions to address them. We provide services to clients in many industries, including manufacturing, media, technology, telecom, logistics, transportation, consulting, professionals, etc.

Non-Profit Organizations - Nonprofit Organizations have increased responsibilities to donors, members, funding agencies, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders. We can help you with assurance, accounting and tax services specific for Nonprofit Organizations to ensure that your organization is running smoothly and efficiently. Many of our team members are also dedicated volunteers in various Nonprofit Organizations

Individuals - You worked hard for your money, and earned your success. We can help you preserve personal and family wealth through tax minimization strategies, estate planning, and developing a sound financial plan. We will spend the time to assess your individual situation and provide recommendations to suit your particular needs. We work hard to build long-term relationships with all our clients.

Our clients include manufacturers, media, telecommunications, technology and logistic companies, charities, non-profit service providers as well as individuals.

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