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Sample Letter Requesting Credit Refund

By Alan Sharpe

Here is an example of a business-to-business sales letter mailedto auto dealers by a firm that markets gift cards that replacepaper gift certificates. Anything in brackets [like this] didnot appear in the letter but simply appears to describe themechanics of the letter

Author: Alan Sharpe

Target audience: General managers of auto dealerships

Mailer: Sharpe AutoCards [a fictional company for the purposesof this sample letter]

Purpose: Generate appointments for salespeople


[Is 5 x 9 inches in dimension and has a window, through whichappears a portion of a gift card, personalized with theprospectís name. The envelope has a teaser headline:Inside: A win-win-lose proposition for your autodealership.]


[Is 8 1/2 x 11 inches, copy on both sides]

December 27, 2007

Brad Carling, General Manager

Tri-City Chev-Olds

123 Any Street

Anytown OH 12345-9163

[Right here, beneath the prospectís name, is affixed to theletter a sample auto gift card, personalized with the prospectísname, and this headline: As you can see, this card hassuccess written all over it.]

Dear Mr. Carling:

Go ahead, pull this amazing little card off the paper.

Itís made of plastic. It costs you $2 to buy. But itís worth theprice of a new car, sold off your lot. This card is worth thelifetime value of a loyal customer. In sales, service, parts,accessories and referrals. And goodwill. And free word-of-mouthadvertising.

Hold it in you hand for a minute, and think of your competition.Consider your revenue goals for the next quarter. Do you need toincrease your new and used vehicle sales? Boost your parts &service department revenue? Multiply your accessories departmentrevenue? Retain customers after their warranty runs out?

This card will help. Big time. Itís a vital part of SharpeAutoCards, a custom-branded loyalty and gift card program thatgenerates revenue for your dealership. But first, how it works.

Take a look at the front of your card. As you can see, youcustomize the card to match your dealershipís brand image andvisual identity. Now turn it over. See that magnetic stripeacross the back? It stores information about the cardís dollarvalue and each transaction.

You hand cards like this to everyone whose business you want toattract and whose loyalty you must keep. Walk ins. Be Backs.Looky-Lous. Current customers. Even former customers. They alluse the card to buy products and services at your autodealership only.

You manage the program using a simple card reader hooked to apersonal computer at your dealership running our software. Foran average auto dealership, the start-up cost of buying thesystem and operating it for one year is less than $2 per carsold that year.

Thatís what the card does. Hereís what it does foryou.

Please read the brochure Iíve enclosed for the compellingspecifics. You use the Sharpe AutoCards card to:

1. Close more sales by beating competitorsí discounts

2. Boost your service department revenue and repeat business

3. Multiply your accessories department revenue

4. Retain customers for years after the sale

5. Attract potential customers and increase traffic in yourshowroom

6. Increase referral business

7. Increase revenue on the back end

8. Promote brand awareness of your dealership

The Sharpe AutoCards system is up to five times less expensivethan competing offerings. Plus, you pay no transaction fees andyou donít have to buy any annual maintenance contracts. I callthat a win-win-lose proposition for you, your customers and yourcompetitors.

Use your card today to receive free coffee and donutsfor four.

The gift card you are holding in your hand has been pre-loadedwith $10 worth of coffee and donuts. Get a first-handdemonstration of how the card works by inviting me to yourshowroom for a complimentary consultation about the SharpeAutoCards system. Hand me your gift card, Iíll swipe it, processyour transaction, and hand over your free coffee and donuts.Like the gift cards youíll use one day, this one can only beredeemed at the place of business on the card, which is to say,Tri-City Chev-Olds.

When is a good time for us to get together for coffee and a chatat your showroom? Call me at 123 456-7891 today and letís set upan appointment.

Yours sincerely,

[signature in blue ink]

Brad K Phillips, Director, Sales

Sharpe AutoCards

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