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Federal Tax Return

By Sandra Stammberger

These days, acquiring free money from any entity is a great privilege. A thing that you may consider best is the one that are given for free. The government offers many grants focusing mainly on education and community development.

There are so many grant that the Federal Government gives. There are grants that are given less the obligations. That means that the grants are free. These are mostly educational grants. In some cases, the government asks for a payment for every grant they give.

The grants embodies in it obligation that should be shouldered by the grantee. This is to be always taken for consideration when applying for a grant.

The grant that is most acquired is the educational grant or better known as scholarship. There are also other grants like housing grants and small business grants. However, most of the time, federal grants are given to clubs and organizations that plan for a project to the betterment of their community. Examples of the projects they propose are:

? Physical renovations and development – projects such as the paving of street, construction of club houses and parks, etc are one of the most funded by the federal grants awards. These projects focus mainly on the physical aspect of the community.

? Livelihood and worker’s re-training programs – aimed to help people in the community to be productive by means of giving livelihood and re-training to those workers who no longer work or had been fired.

? Business oriented programs – this program is aimed to attract new businesses in their vicinity. This helps investors invest in the place at the same time giving employment to the residents.

? Other community development projects.

There are things that one organization must consider in applying for a federal grant. These things are very important so as for a grantee not to shoulder a big responsibility on the grant to be awarded. These considerations are:

1) Budget for the program or project – budgets must be approved by the federal government. Budget the most essential part of the grant award. It is the indicator of the amount of the grant to be released.

2) Feasibility of the program or the project – projects and programs must have undergone studies. It must be true and the must answer basic problems of the community.

3) The projected date of initiation and accomplishment – this is very important to know whether the program or the project is has target dates. On the part of the government, having this kind of observations means good planning.

The federal budget intended to be given as grants are subject to approval also. The congress is the body that passes a bill to be approved by the president. After the bill has been approved the grants are being announced and available in the Federal Register.

The federal government will provide a catalog known as the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) for the lists of the programs or projects that had been approved and available. Searching the CFDA is absolutely free. The projects and programs available are also listed in the Weekly Federal funding Report. This report is published by the House of Representatives. The CFDA also includes the entities eligible to receive the award. It also explains how to use the grant money, the application procedure, the contact information, etc.

Those are the basic information one must know in applying a grant. Grants are very big help for every organization or individual. Though it is not absolutely free the benefits given by it is totally rewarding.

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S. Stammberger is the editor of Grant Money Free. Find out all you need to know about grants and getting money forcollege.