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By Dr Ina Bliss

When Adam was put to sleep, in order to switch off his senses, as in anesthesia, and to have solely his pre-operative mind-potential remain awake, he received his help meet from his bone (law). Later, he was given entitlement and mission to ‘name’ all other life forms.

Why the help meet?

For man should not be alone.

If Adam had been alone (all one), he would still be unconscious Adam, the automatically perfect appendix of God, naked, without awareness of what else he could be.

How did he give names (natures) to other life forms? He gave them their natures by imagining them and declaring them to be so, upon their ‘discovery’.

Why did God want him to do such thing?

Because the entire upward gesture by man to first reach God (Old, carnal Testament), and then be as God (NT) begins with imagination of who, or what God is by those, other than Adam, who do not know their God.

How did the help meet come about?

By Adam ‘making Jacob’, or imagining her as something that IS REAL with which to play. She was made according to his mind-play, and according to the law, or material condition of earthly matter, as opposed to conditions in paradise. Her origin was the reason for her to respond to the serpent, while Adam knew God Himself.

When earthly Adam awakens, humanity will have acquired the conscious state of God, and be back in paradise. Paul calls Jesus The Christ the LAST ADAM. He is Adam WITH full awareness of God, thus clothed with light.

Why are there other life forms, rather than just man exclusively?

Man had to be given bread-crumbs to find his way home; the symbolisms in all other areas of life, spearheaded by the scriptures, which alone are sufficient to map out every perfectly synchronized step we are to take, if understood.

Why do we not understand the scriptures at this point?

We have been veiled in Apostasy, so the Mystery can unfold like a lightening in the end-times. The veil was torn upon the symbolic death of a perfect human and will now be removed.

Also, as long as we do not study the scriptures daily, speaking to the only God WITHIN, and still try to become wise in any other place, we will be foolish to God. He quickly takes away the little understanding (talent) we may gather from other sources and turns us into yo-yos, backsliders, or scoffers.

In Hebrew interpretation of scripture (and we are all potential Jews, who will KNOW “I AM” is inside), humans are to speak from God daily “I AM wonderful”. If that is replaced with “I AM dumb”, that human does not know our God; (s)he is, like Satan, IN VAIN.

Spiritual knowingness is like a perfect, perpetual train; slow to be accelerated, but unstoppable at momentum. “I AM” (is) the light of the world realizing perfection through human existence.

There is hot, or cold, for, or against God. Hot removes all mountains and restores the smooth and easy condition of the Jerusalem temple (peace of mind), while cold drops the potential penthouse back into debased behavior, or quicksand, having to put Jacob’s ladder in place, once more.

Remember, in His exactitude, Jesus The Christ gave us the remedy?

“Follow ME.”

How can we follow Him?

Do we wear cloak and sandals and walk through the geographic area of cultural ‘Israel’, expecting to be well-fed? Do we write hate-letters to our family members? Do we forget that beautiful things exist in our now-into-all-eternity-Spartan existence? Do we tell the ones who do see circumstances on earth as edged in stone “Satan”? Are we going to be stoned to death with rocks in the size of melons as martyrs under persecution?

Not exactly.

When we begin to follow THE TEACHINGS of Jesus The Christ relating to ABUNDANCE & FREEDOM, we lift off from earth.

The ‘LAW’ no longer applies. Cause & effect leave our realm. We override human instated ‘laws’. The stones of ‘REASON’ will no longer be visible to us, neither hit us right in the stomach.

Yes, we are not only above so-called human ‘law’, but also OUR BROTHER’S KEEPER.

The God, Lord & Savior, the “I AM”, as in “I AM free”, “I AM beautiful”, “I AM rich” will not only lift us up, but each time we have another ‘A-HA’ moment, we sink a lower form of humanness in a thousand ways, and lift up the neighbors along with us.

The total state of human consciousness can only be as high as the least of us. However, in making Jesus, we raise them up with us.

Even more importantly, as our STATUS SYMBOL, or openly discernable state of mind, we will increasingly be enabled to imagine never-here-before life forms, and give them their name, just as in animated movies.

When we do “AS GODS” the remainder of the world speedily realizes that this is the prize of which Paul brought us knowledge.

So, I ask you, would you rather keep watching some one else’s cartoon, or make your own IN REAL LIFE?

Note, however, ONLY ONE can win the race.

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