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Federal Tax Raffle Winnings

The one thing that many players complain about when playing online is the hassle and long wait for their winnings to be in their personal accounts.

This is also many times the biggest difference between a serious casino and someone you should stay far away from. We at winner news will try to make sure that you do recieve your rightful winnings.

In this article we take a look at how you can get them, and get them fast. Plus, always make sure you do read terms and conditions on every bonus campaign.

The most common deposit method today is via different credit cards. Every serious casino will demand that you send a complete copy of your ID before you receive your winnings, this can at times take well… time. Sure, after you have done this one time with a casino the next time you want to make a withdrawal it will go faster and more streamlined.

So if you do prefer to use your credit card to make deposits we would advice you to get in touch with the support department of the casinos you play regularly with and ask them what they need.

But if you are like most of us and like to try different casinos this can become tiresome and quite a hassle after a while.

Would it not be better if you could just verify your ID once and then play where you wanted and get your winnings paid without any hassle at all? The good news is that you can actually take these things in your own hands to make sure your winnings are in your account within 7 working days. There are different payment options you can use that will speed these things up. If you open up an account with companies like NETeller, Firepay or MyCitadel your ID will already be verified with them. This means when you make a deposit with a new casino trough your account with these companies you do not need to send any ID or verification to the casinos at all.
It is already verified trough these companies. The only time the casino might ask for extra verification is if you have won big. But then again, if you go away with a jack-pot it is worth sending them a mail with verification on.

Not only that, this gives you as a player security. Any casino that are verified to accept these payment solutions have been scrutinised. I actually look for these payment methods on every new casino I enter, if they do not have these installed I actually think twice before I make a deposit with them. Sure there are serious casinos out there that do not have these options but for me, this is an extra security.

If you for some reasons get problems with your withdrawal and know that you have not done anything wrong, you have extra security. As a last resort make a complaint to NETeller or any of the other companies and the casino actually run the risk of loosing the contract with them. And trust me, this is one thing they are not willing to risk.Another thing, if you make deposits to a casino based on a special campaign, make sure you read the promotion well, and even the small text.

Most times special promotions that give insane bonuses (like the 400% first deposit bonus as La Isla Casino) they have rules and regulations attached.

Is this a slots only bonus? What is the *wager? Is there a minimum and/or maximum deposit?

These are things you should know before you hit a bonus campaign. Do not go blind on the bonuses. If you receive for example a slot only bonus and use this to play Poker or Black Jack all your potential winnings will be lost.

So make sure you verify the different rules with the live chat.

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