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The Federal PLUS Loan Program
College is a time filled with important decisions and problems that must be solved in order to ensure your future and positive results at the time of your college graduation. Everything from choosing a college to choosing your roommate to choosing your computer for college can rack your brain and make the decisions that much harder. So, why not let one decision fall squarely on the shoulders of your old standby? Your parents. With the Federal PLUS Loan Program, your parents can help you to obtain loans that will put you through college.

First Steps To Applying
The first thing when thinking about applying for a Federal PLUS Loan is to do some research and understand exactly how a Federal PLUS Loan works. If you are a dependent and a future undergraduate student enrolled, at least, part-time at any college or university, you are eligible for a Federal PLUS Loan, whereby your parents can obtain a loan to help pay for your college expenses. In addition to these requirements, the status of a PLUS loan also depends heavily upon your parentsí credit history. If they do not have a good credit history, chances are that your parents will not be approved for a Federal PLUS Loan.

Federal PLUS Loans Are Supplementary
In the event that your parents are approved for the Federal PLUS Loan that they apply for, they will then receive either what they have requested to supplement other loans and scholarships towards your college tuition. Or, the government may decide to only give your parents less than what you have requested due to their credit history. It is important to remember that, although your parents are the ones requesting a loan for your college, you should also seek out other options for paying your student tuition, because PLUS Loans often do not cover the entire tuition. Scholarships and other types of loans are often available for college students. Seek out all possible options before settling on a PLUS loan.

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