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California Employee Withholding for Mobile Detailers

The laws about employee withholding are very strict and the penalties for even an honest mistake are extremely vicious. If you run a mobile auto detailing business in California you will be surprised to find out hiring your best friend for a couple of days can get you in hot water. Stopping on the corner and hiring day labor can end you up in jail if that person turns out to be an illegal alien. There are things you should know.

We recommend contacting the State of California at:

Franchise Tax Board
P.O. Box 942857
Sacramento, CA 94257-0500

Also the IRS at:

Internal Revenue Service
Western Area Distribution Center
Rancho Cordova, CA 95743-0001

**Ask for Circular E ?Employer?s Tax Guide?.

You can also attend IRS workshops at volunteer education offices. Contact them at:

300 N. Los Angeles Street, Room 5119
Los Angeles, CA 90012

We recommend you use SIC Code # 7542 when filling tax and withholding information. Do not use any other SIC code. If you use a car wash SIC code you will get audited because the IRS knows car wash owners hide cash. If you want to get audited by the IRS, do what the car wash owners do. Car wash owners also make the mistake of hiring illegal immigrants and of course they don?t pay employee-withholding contributions for workers that do not have green cards or social security numbers or I-9 forms since these workers are not even supposed to exist. If you put yourself in that category, you are asking for problems with government agencies.

If all this sounds too complicated to you, you?re right. Hire an employee leasing company. They will take care of everything. You pay them and they pay your employee. They pay all withholding and Worker?s Compensation Insurance.

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