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California 2003 Income Tax Return Forms

Small Business Server 2003 is an excellent choice for your computer consulting business. It is sold as a suite so you get a lot of great features. And Small Business Server 2003 is designed strictly with the needs of small business computer consultants in mind.

Small Business Server 2003 Features

It includes a reporting tool that allows you to get log files emailed

There are different performance model thresholds for when windows space is running low or when the virtual space is running low

There are access logs for the server

There is web proxy, Internet caching and acceleration so you can get all kinds of metrics about what is going on with a client's network without having to be there

There are many wizards that make it relatively easy for someone with limited knowledge to be able to install the product successful without having to be an expert on the individual components

The best aspect of Small Business Server 2003 is that it was designed specifically for small business computer consultants so they can get going in the right direction without having tremendous, specialized skills.

The base line installation of Small Business Server 2003 provides for a lot of customization. This is especially important because you can then continue adding value and selling more services to your clients. Essentially, Small Business Server 2003 allows you to build on the investment that your clients have already made.

The Bottom Line on Small Business Server 2003

Small Business Server 2003 is a great platform and the only product that Microsoft has ever built, and continues to build today, that was designed from the ground up strictly to meet the needs of the small business computer consultant. The application has a huge number of features and Small Business Server 2003 gives you the opportunity to sell valuated services to go along with all of those features.

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