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2003 Tax Return Forms

By Maxine Thompson

Copyright 2005 Black Butterfly Press

By Maxine Thompson (

While at the Pacific Ocean the other day, penning this article,I watched a homeless man dig inside a garbage can and ferret outa thrown away bag of fast food. Of course, I felt moved to givehim a small token, but it made me reflect. What if he hadattended The Small Business Success Summit? Perhaps his lifewould have been different. He could have learned from TedNicholas, known as the 4 billion dollar man,( and Joel Christopher,( called The Master List Builder(, how to start a business fromscratch. Instead of giving him a fish, he could have been givena fishing rod.

No doubt about it, this conference, held on 10-10-03 to 10-12-03at the Airport Marriot in the sparkling San Francisco Bay area,headed by Superstar Speakers, Ted Nicholas and Joel Christopher,delivered what the two men promised. Not only was the Conferencetaped on video, it was broadcasted live to the world on theInternet.

The Summit was considered a success by all the attendees, aswell as by the people who watched the event globally. Promotedas “The impossible-to-fail small business success system thatwill build the Million Dollar Empire you have always dreamedof,” it met the intended objectives and more. The three-dayconference provided life-transforming information, and hands on,experiential exercises. This groundbreaking, history-makingevent of the new millennium was the best seminar we everattended.

In addition to many technical and inside secrets as to how tomake your words sell, one of the main themes Ted Nicholasemphasized was this: integrity always remains in style. In lightof the many big business scandals, Nicholas’s philosophies weretruly refreshing. To give you an insight into this great man’slongstanding success, here are just a few of the businessprinciples of which he spoke.

1. Make all your dealings win/win. Do not take advantage ofother businesses when their chips are down. 2. If youunwittingly under charge for a job, in the name of keeping agood business ethic, eat the loss. Don’t try to mark up theprice after agreeing on a lower price. 3. Keep your word, at allcosts, to build trust with your customers. 4. You can build agreat business without being a workaholic. He addressed the needfor balance in the areas of health, spirituality, andrelationships. 5. Finally, use magic words when it comes togetting people to buy your products or do business with you.From Joel Christopher, who proudly tells you of his Filipinoheritage and, in spite of the language barrier, the success hehas had in the United States, we saw up close:

1. How you can make $31,000 Swiss dollars in 24 hours on theInternet. 2. How to build your online business with offlinemarketing. 3. The secret method he used that has helped him tocreate joint ventures with many of the top leaders in theinternet marketing field. 4. The secrets of how he tripled hisopt-in list in 99 days. 5. The autohumanization factor thatmakes a difference in all relationship capital.

In the end, we left the seminar exhausted, but exhilarated aboutthe possibilities we now face and the tools we had been given togrow our small businesses into million dollar empires. With thisin mind, I want to be one of the caring people with an abundancewho will be able to help with the world’s homeless and hungerproblem.

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